2019-2021 Officers

President: Dr. Michael Weiss

President elect: Dr. Milita Borguet

Secretary: Dr. Miriam Ting (Board elected 6/20 to follow By-Laws regarding Dr. Borguet)

Treasurer: Dr. Jon Orenstein


Directors of the Board

Dr. Caleb Cross (1st term 2017-2020 extended one year to end 2021 due to COVID)

Dr. Jeffrey Morton (Board elected 6/20 to fill the vacancy of Dr. Jimenez Wolf 2018-2021)

Dr. Alisan Perelmut (1st term – 2019 to 2022)           

Dr. Steven Atlas (Board elected 6/20 to fill the vacancy of Dr. Kent Mueller 2019 - 2022)           



Dr. Caleb Cross: Program Chairman

Mrs. Courtney Paczewski  - Executive Secretary: 

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Past Presidents

Dr. John B. Nase

Dr. Daniel Taub

Dr. Jeffrey Morton

Dr. Steven Atlas

Dr. Bruce Singer

Dr. James Robbins

Dr. Richard Shulman

Dr. Alan Meltzer

Dr. Andrew Halbert

Dr. Neal Freedman

Dr. Manuel Marks

Dr. Jonathan Orenstein

Dr. Joseph Gian-Grasso